LONGSHIPS COFFEE  is a hand roasted single origin coffee.

It comes direct from the roastery at the Lands End Coffee Company in Sennen Cornwall.

This coffee comes from  women’s cooperatives, and from the women members of mixed-gender cooperatives  in Brazil.

The women are paid a premium per pound for their coffee and often choose to apply these to projects in their communities, such as educational efforts and increased health-care access:

The premiums paid by Lands End Coffee  represent a small step toward eliminating the inequity that women face in coffee, and recognizes the specific financial considerations and hardships that women in general face around the world, both within and out of the coffee industry.

Longships is available in Espresso (very fine) and Cafetiere (coarse) grinds

Origin Brazil
Region Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Farm Fazenda Sertão
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Altitude 1100–1450 masl
Proc. Method Natural

Tasting Notes 

Sweet, honey, toasted almond & grape

Please note: Due to customs restrictions we can only ship this product within the UK.