Released in 2018, the title Dynamite Quay is a local name for Lelant Quay at Hayle, due to its association with the shipment of dynamite for the mining industry.

Neil Davey and Jen Dyer are two of the leading proponents of Cornish traditional Celtic music. They are members of internationally acclaimed Cornish band Dalla.

They play bouzouki, fiddle and viola, and their repertoire of Cornish Celtic music, both new and old, ranges from stonking Celtic jigs and polkas, to the exotic almost Balkan sound of some of the Cornish five-steps, as well as some heart-meltingly beautiful and hypnotic slower pieces.

‘Dynamite Quay is a fine recording full of fascinating music.’ (Living Tradition)

‘There is a particular something about Cornish Celtic music that has drawn me in for many years, and I know that Davey & Dyer have it and the music speaks volumes.’ (folkradio.co.uk)

Track listing:
1 – Kabm Vean
2 – Karol Korev
3 – An Lanow
4 – Elsie’s Harmonium
5 – Polcrebo Jane
6 – Old Nameless
7 – Not Too Young To Marry Yet
8 – Matilda
9 – An Oula
10 – Bibberly Town
11 – Benyn Ma Brea
12 – Dynamite Quay
13 – Now The Summer Is Over


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