Dukkah Hot Sand.

Delicious spice with a good splash of chilli!

“Dip fresh squidgy bread into olive oil then dip into Dipping Sand”

About Dukkah
Dukkah can be served with warmed ciabatta, a crusty french stick, a flavoursome focaccia or just a simple pitta or flat bread.
Dip the bread into oil (use an extra virgin olive or locally produced rapeseed), then dunk into the dukkah.
The blended nuts, seeds and spices are tasty, healthy and very more-ish. Almonds & hazelnuts provide a hugely nutritious base, sesame and various super seeds for crunch and texture and then spices for the real flavour punch.

Serve it straight from the tub or to release even more of the aromatic flavours, dukkah can be gently toasted in a dry pan prior to serving.

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