This beautiful enamelled pewter Cornish Poppy lapel pin displays in its centre, the fifteen bezant shield from the Cornish Coat of Arms.

It has been created to commemorate and honour the  brave Cornish men and women who lost their lives during the two World Wars and in all subsequent conflicts.

The Coat of Arms of the Duke of Cornwall is a Crusader shield on which are displayed fifteen golden bezants in the shape of a triangle with the motto One and All.

During the Crusades when the Duke of Cornwall was captured by the Saracens. A ransom of fifteen bezants (golden coins of Byzantium)was demanded.The people of Cornwall raised the money for the ransom and the Duke was set free. The inhabitants had all helped together, one and all, to raise the money; hence the Cornish motto.

Diameter: 18mm

Secures to garment with stainless steel pin and pin back

Supplied in a satin-lined and fully recyclable gift box.


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