Cornish Piskey Necklace.

This cheeky little Cornish Piskey is made from 100% Cornish Tin raised from the shipwreck of the SS Liverpool off Anglesey in 2000.

A little piece of history!

Farmers had great respect for piskeys. The little fellows would come to the aid of tired, hardworking farmers, by threshing their corn

One farmer, was so grateful to his little helper that  he made the Piskey  a fine suit of green cloth.

The Piskey, much pleased with this gift, was heard to say, “Piskey fine and Piskey gay, Piskey now will fly away” (T.Q. Couch in Robert Hunt’s Popular Romances of the West of England)

This  Piskey hangs on a sterling silver chain approximately 45 CM/ 18″ in length and is packaged in a satin and velvet lined gift box.

Made in Cornwall.


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