Handmade, cold process soap using natural plant oils, shea butter, dried botanicals and pure essential oils to create gentle and delicious smelling soap ! Organic ingredients are used where possible and all packaging is recyclable or compostable. No palm oil. Vegan

‘Just Plain’ – Great for those that are sensitive to essential oils or just like a simple soap. Made with organic olive and coconut oils and organic shea butter. 85g.

Lavender. –  This bar contains olive and coconut oils, shea butter and lots of lovely lavender essential oil. Dried lavender has been stirred into the mix and flower buds on top. 85g.

Lavender & Chamomile –  Like a garden in Summer! Lots of lovely lavender and Roman chamomile oils stirred into the mix with some dried flowers on top.

Geranium, Orange & Patchouli – A floral and citrus blend with a hint of patchouli added to the soap mix of olive and coconut oils and shea butter. Calendula petals have been added into the soap and on the top. 85g.

Gardener’s – A cleansing yet gentle bar with nettle powder and raspberry seeds to help scrub away dirt and grime.Essential oils of lavender, rosemary and tea tree to leave the skin refreshed. 85g.



Handmade under 10 miles from the Cornish Store in Falmouth.




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