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A Child’s War In Cornwall.John was just eight and a half years old when war was declared in 1939.His is the “Voice of a schoolboy” in this remarkable memoir of an idyllic childhood spent in Cornwall.

Moving from Bristol to Plymouth in what was described as “Britain’s darkest hour” he,together with his mother brother and sisters,experience the horrors of the Blitz,as a result of which,joined by their father,they move to the remote and seemingly peaceful region bordering the Fal estuary in Cornwall.

For a young boy the estuary creeks and countryside offer a paradise for exploration. Befriending local children and fellow evacuees,they discover the delights of messing about in boats!

However as the war progresses it intrudes more and more into their lives and the importance of Falmouth as a strategic port attracts enemy aircraft attention.The build up of American men and equipment in preparation for the D-Day landings provide the youngsters with a unique opportunity to see and share history in the making.The author’s fond memories provide a fascinating glimpse of times past and heartwarming reminiscences of a most fortunate childhood.

John sadly past away on Fathers Day 17th June 2012.

£19.99 £4.99

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