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Shop for Cornish jewellery in the Jewellery section at the Cornish Store. Our collection is made from beautiful pieces created in the workshops of South Crofty Tin and St.Justin, both in Cornwall. Each piece of Cornish jewellery is crafted by hand and eye and many designs reflect the art of the Celts and Ancient Britons which has survived here in Cornwall. Other designs celebrate our Cornish identity and tradition. Much of our Cornish jewellery collection is made from high quality pewter,created from 92% tin with copper and antimony to harden it and enhance the casting. Items are hand polished and painted by skilled local crafts people before clips and other findings are spot welded into position. Tin items from the South Crofty Tin collection are made from the last remaining ore stockpiled when the South Crofty Mine closed its doors for the last time in 1998.One day these reserves will run out, so who knows what the value of these items will be then! Tin items from St.Justin contain a minimum percentage of 10% tin recovered from the shipwreck of the SS Liverpool which sank off Anglesey in 1863 carrying a cargo of tin smelted at Chynadour, Penzance. Bronze pieces have been created using recycled copper and Cornish tin. The jewellery is strong and very hard but looks like gold. Whatever you choose you can be certain that you will be the owner or recipient of a little bit of Cornish heritage and special piece of Cornwall!