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Shop for Toys and Games in the Toys and Games range at the Cornish Store.Choose from four different Pasty Peeps characters.Penny,Pixie,Penrose or a dastardly Pirate!All super cuddly and guaranteed to put a smile on any face!You can read about all their adventures in three of their very own books which can be found in our Childrens’Books Range.There’s Perran Bear and his smaller brother, named, of course, after our national saint.He celebrates his birthday on March 5th and tells you all about himself on his little tag in Cornish and English!He’s very clever!Cornwall Monopoly, played in exactly the same way as the regular type, features many of Cornwall’s iconic landmarks.Buy properties such as Tintagel Castle, Watergate Bay, Land’s End and the most expensive of all, the Eden Project!