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A super selection of Cornish Wine Beers and Spirits!.Amongst winding lanes and wind blown hills are a number of award winning Cornish vineyards.Red white and rose wines are produced.Whites are clean and crisp reds are juicy and fairly light.The best known are the ones that sparkle and Camel Valley Brut sets an impressive standard.The special ingredient in Cornish Beer is Cornish water!Many brewers use it straight from the spring which is high in minerals and varies greatly from place to place.This helps each producer develop their own unique flavours.There are over 64 Cornish apple varieties and many of these are used in the production of our Cornish ciders.A traditional tingler and great to cook with too!The first Pastis made in the UK comes from Cornwall, as does Tarquin’s premium Gin.Aval Dor premium Vodka from the finest potatoes grown in the heart of Cornwall and Cornish Moonshine from 100% Cornish Barley.