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Shop for delicious Cornish food and drink in the Food and Drink section of the Cornish Store.A scrumptious variety, perfect for gifts or just to treat yourself!Cornwall is a magical place with a unique micro climate.The mild climate we enjoy means that our crops are ready first.Our rainfall means that our cattle graze on lush grass which in turn gives us the very best quality dairy products.Around our coast we have some of the best quality seafood and fish in the world.We also harvest our wonderful Sea Salt a stone’s throw away from the waters edge.We have a natural larder full of all the ingredients to produce the very best gastronomic delights!Cornwall now produces some of the finest food and drink in the world and is home to some very talented artisans who do amazing things with those very special raw materials.Take a look,we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! PRODUCTS FROM THIS CATEGORY ARE FOR UK DELIVERY ONLY.